Aileen M Kelly

Compost- A Studio Side Project

During my analysis of the shop and it’s competitors as an intern at noThrow design, I noticed that one of the most unique things about this particular brand was their ability and interest in working with other local designers from Spain and selling particular items of their in their shop. 

Given my recent graduation from university, I knew that there were many, many young designers and students eager to be able to make and sell their products outside of school and in a physical location. I therefore suggested creating a space in the shop for local students and designers to launch their new products with noThrown design, using a newsletter and campaign to share and communicate this concept.

After a few months of thought, the noThrow designers came back and had decided on a name for the project: COMPOST. The concept is the same idea as the definition of the word- to combine many different ideas, makers and students to create something unique, useful and new. he results are as follows (click link for entire PDF presentation):


An example of the logo used on an advertisement on a concrete wall. Notice how the noThrow design is not only registered in the Compost logo itself, but also on the background, seemingly all “pressed” with ink into recycled paper. 

Rather than having a secondary logo, the studio preferred to keep the entire design with the integrated noThrow design symbol in the o and simply changing its original color. We continue with a kind of local, vintage look using a letterpress. Here is an example of the use of the color “Tuscany” as their secondary logo.

 Given the name, the logo and campaign material had to be “earthy” (down the earth) as well as fresh and new in order to make it easier and more appealing to a younger generation of makers and designers. Not only did we want to do our best to avoid obvious cliches, but we also wanted to continue to represent noThrow design’s dedication to sustainable design, while making it fresh and engaging. Note the noThrow favicon integrated into the second ‘O’ of Compost.

The Fine Print

A way to communicate how the concept of Compost funcioned was necessary. I decided on one poster that could be used for social media and sent out to people who were interested and when contacted, noThrow would be able to send both documents together along with advertising as well.